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DAMAGE Mesh Hats !!!
June 20, 2008, 9:05 am
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These are some pictures of the new Damage S/S 08 Mesh hats. THEY’RE FUCKING SICK . ALL ONE OF A KIND !.


SAN in Vancouver B.C.
June 20, 2008, 1:25 am
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So My home boy Daniel ( SAN ) flew down  from Spain last week to assist to the opening of his Metamorphosis Vol.1 show, the reception party was last Saturday at El Kartel in Vancouver B.C. and let me tell you that his work will blow your mind, his work is really delicate, peaceful and full of detail.

.- SAN’s small series of paintings from the  Metamorphosis show

.- SAN wearing a half and half Damage tee at the set up of metamorphosis Vol.1

Also while he was in town he painted a mural at my friend’s cafe down by Smithe and Granville, i will show you the picture of the final piece later this week.

.- SAN Painting a Mural in VanCity

We had so much fun and i will never forget what a night we’ve spent after his show on Saturday, he did a beautiful piece in my room – actually two – that i want to share with you guys and i hope YOU GUYS LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO !!!. I LOVE HIS WORK . and you should definitely check out his webpage – www.eseaene.com

.- Jim , Bruce . Pablo , SAN and Me the night of the show

.- SAN , DJ and Marvin at the back door of El Kartel

.- SAN at my house

.- SAN Piece at the Damage House

.- SAN 08

He is definitely one of the most amazing artists in Europe currently and a Beautiful person , really dedicated to his job and also very passionated for life, nature and love .



Brave Art Show Vancouver B.C.
June 20, 2008, 12:34 am
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So the Brave Art 2008 is on and last week was the opening reception party at the Ayden Gallery, the line up is amazing: Ben Tour, Jeff Hamada, Peter Taylor, Jordan Quinn, Camilla D’errico, SheOne, Lani Imre, Ewok, Kwest, The Dark, Dave Barnes, Kaput, Mist 1, and so many more… So if you want to know the latest and greatest in contemporary art you must definitely come down to Tinseltown and check it out.

The show will be up for a month and it is worth the experience.

Here are some flicks and a video of my friend Lani Imre doing her live act at the show .

.- Opening night

.- Dave Barnes work

. Jordan Quinn and his new tatoos !!!

June 12, 2008, 9:48 am
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Lauren was my partner for the kidnapped clothing line back in the day . She moved to Thailand a couple years ago and after one year over there she opened her own clothing store, SHES A FUCKING AMAZING DESIGNER !!! AND A SUPER TALENTED !!!.

Anyways … she surprised me yesterday and showed up to El Kartel .. I WAS SO HAPPY AND EXITED to see her cause last time we met was in 2006,  but thats not all , she told me she has a new web page with sales online and everything. IM SO PROUD AND HAPPY FOR HER. I LOVE YOU LAUREN .

So here is a sample of her work and the link to her online store , so if you’re looking for something really unique , super cool and super trendy … now you know where to buy it … www.factorygirldesign.com

.- The cooper tee

All her stuff its one of a kind and hand made by her !!!!


June 12, 2008, 9:38 am
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So for the 2nd Van Gogh Gin night at the Opus Hotel my homeboy Colin Moore did a live painting act and he did pretty fucking amazing … Check out the video of the process of his paint and enjoy it as much as i did.

The painting was so COOOL !!! CONGRATULATIONS COLIN , and sorry i couldn’t make it, but i had a final game for the basketball league im on Thursdays.

SORRY ! ! ! But you killed it ! ! !

.- Final Piece .

Damage x SOAK “body painiting” Tee shirt
June 5, 2008, 11:31 pm
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So guys i showed you a preview a while ago from a photo shoot i did with Jordan Quinn for a collabo tee that will be drop really soon, actually on June 23th ! ! !. I finally finished the artwork for the shirt and there are 3 different versions of the shirt.The first one is this one, and its just for Jordan’s piece on Megan’s booobies,- ITS FUCKING WILD -.

Wait till you see the full body picture shirt …

.- Damage x Jordan Quinn

.- The artwork

June 5, 2008, 10:04 pm
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Daniela is an Old School friend of mine from Mexico City that’s currently doing arts school , a really lovely and smart and creative woman, but thats not all, shes coming to visit me in June 2008 to Vancouver B.C. She just confirmed the date and im so super stoked to see her and work in collaboration with her. Daniela’s stuff its amazing … why dont you take a look to her portfolio and tell me what you think about it ? .

Daniela Correa’s Portfolio

This is one of my favorite illustrations from her portfolio and it seems a lot to something that i would do for the Orygamiii Folding instructions but this time shes showing you the steps you should fold a paper to get rid off of it !!!! ha ha ha. I LOVE IT !!!!

NICE JOB TOCAYA !!!! im looking forward to see you in Vancity !!!