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YELLE @ The Commodore Vanvouver B.C. Oct 2008
October 30, 2008, 1:32 am
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Yesterday i went to see Yelle , a beautiful French girl that plays rad french music , hahaha, ironic isn’t it ?.

IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING ! ! ! I have to say that these guys are super talented musicians and the fact that i understood none of what she was singing, which doesn’t mean that i did not  enjoy myself with the super blasting mix of techno/rock/dub/80’s and pop genres …. The lead singer is really hyper and i liked that a lot .

– i mean don’t you hate it when you go to a concert and the performer acts like the biggest rock star in the world and they just have NO ENERGY for their hyped up fans ? –

well this girl and her mates DIDN’T, they were super alive and they bounced and jumped all night long …

you should definitely check out her myspace page so you could listen to how good her music is ! (click here)

! ! ! YELLE RULES ! ! !

.- Ye Veux Te Voir

.- Yelle @ the Commodore

.- Ce Jeu

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