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July 27, 2009, 6:35 am
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YES !  YEs! Yes!.. My homie Taka Sudo ( TiFdyL ) just started showcasing his artwork at El Kartel in Vancouver B.C., the opening party was last night and i heard it was a blast .. so if you peeps are around town , come down to the store to check out such and impressive show put on by Mr Sudo !!!. here i leave a few pictures that Ms Tiffany Munoz hooked me up with ,oh ! and a picture of the flyer for the show. I also have to shut out to MJ and the people in charge of doing such an amazing job with that window display !!!!! VERY FUCKING COOL !!!! WORD MUCHACHOS !!! AND WORD TAKA SUDO !

Otsukare sama desu , to Hontoni Omedetto Gozaimasu Taka San !

Shigotto Gamubatte ! ! ! Sugoi Kakoii kata .!

Muchas Felicidades Cabron !!!


.- Flyer


.- Fucking AWESOME window display


.- The show


.- Tiffany M. & Taka S.


Tour No 1 . Mexico . . .
July 26, 2009, 11:26 pm
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So it happened….   I went up north and east a bit to Queretaro and Morelia (capital cities from the states of Michoacan and Quertaro (QRO is where my father lives and Morelia is where all the fabric hand manufacturing happens!!!)      It was fucking incredible.  I stayed with my father for one wekk and with  my good friend Alex, and his lady, for the second one.   I got to visit places like Janitzio, Patzcuaro, Morelia, Peña de Bernal, Amealco, Lago de Cuitzeo, Anhuacareo, y Corneo (…well, I guess I didn’t make it to Coroneo, but that’s where all the leather work happens).  I got a lot of inspiration for a lot of the things I’m currently working on, got to spend some good quality time with my dad, and also with one of my best friends from University.     So check these videos out.  Sorry I haven’t posted any pictures yet, but I will be getting my camera charger as soon as I meet Garzita….SOOOO that means Tour No. 2 in Mexico!

jajjajajaj  its coming soon though ! stay tuned !

July 26, 2009, 7:23 pm
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Well, this one was ok….I’ve been to several Vice parties and this one…felt a little weird.  It had a big mix of people, but I just wasn’t really feeling the crowd.  Not because they were Mexican though-jajaja-but it just looked like many of them were out of place.  Still, the venue spot itself was amazing and huge with lots of halls and rooms packed with art.  It was held at the MUJAM (Museo del Jugete Antiguo Mexico), which is decorated with a lot of street art from some very amazing Mexico D.F. urban artists.   But anyway…here’s a little video of one of the bands that performed that night…we’ll see if you would’ve liked to have been there !!!

but i should say that over all  i had a great experience cause i got to meet friends that i haven’t seen in ages that nite …   so ….



.- la banda y el arte vice !

Cave Men Did It First
July 2, 2009, 8:22 am
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Guys…as I was walking down downtown Mexico City’s historic streets yesterday, I found a place that seriously AMAZED ME.  It was a gallery called Cave Men Did It First, which was established last August in the heart of Mexico city .  The CMDIF mission is simple and very powerful:  To promote and support Mexican urban art and artists, while providing a space to give these guys the proper exposure to their talent.  The current show has artwork from the likes of ARO, DESKO, Dr CABLE, FAIRY, YOSTE, ECKS, FANZYE and many more.  But let me tell you something…these kids are fuckin’ insane and mad talented …  Mexican urban art is killing it.  I mean, I’m an art collector myself and own so much great artwork from really good friends and famous artists (who’ve shown their work in famous galleries, etc and shit) but when I went inside this place I just wanted to buy it all !!!  I WAS SUPER IMPRESSED.

My props  and a big big shout out to Mariana Todd  and all the people behind this amazing project !

MUCH RESPECT  ! ! ! & MUCH LOVE  ! ! !

The place is located on # 60 of Jesus Maria st on the 3th floor between the streets of Corregidora & Venustiano Carranza . ( Downtown Mexico City )

Phone # 54-91-15-63

So if you are ever in Mexico City and want to enjoy some really fucking good urban art, then this place is a MUST GO TO spot for sure!!


.- Sandwich board

and here is an introduction of what you,ll see on your way up to the gallery ! FUCKING UNREAL !!!!

.- So sick !

Welcome Back !!!
July 2, 2009, 5:23 am
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Yes im back !!!, to one of the biggest cities in the world and more than 25 million people living out here my journey started 4 days a go …  and i will keep you up to date with what is going to happen .. you will see lots of videos & pictures of  art, food,places,people and more … but for now i leave you guys with the first video of  my landing into the Ciudad Juarez Airport or as u probably call it .. the International Airport of  Mexico City…

FUCKING CRAZY …. all you can see is lights and lights and more lights and it seems you will never land  .. but c’mon …  with over 25 million heads what would you expect  …


.-Big ass city

wholly holy solely soul x Peter T. @ El Kartel 09
July 2, 2009, 4:51 am
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Well my last opening party of this year @ El Kartel was this one and what better than my brotha Pedro T.  I Seriously love his work cause I’ve seen it progressing  like crazy since the very first time i saw his artwork back in 2003 … so if you’re in Vancouver you must definitely stop by  El Kartel and check out his show !

every single piece and drawings are amazing and im also super stoked cause he brought in the original piece of the graphic he gave me for the damage origami tee we did for last summer .

I LOVE PETER and I WILL MISS HIM SO MUCH !  but i know he will come down with beautiful mariposa soon and we will have a blast in the Aztec land !

CONGRATULATIONS PEDRO ! . and sorry i couldn’t  say good bye to your mom !

all the best for you and all yours !

peter taylor june09

.- wholly holy solely soul show