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Sunday Morning Sunshine x COZYMOTO
September 22, 2009, 5:54 am
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Yes .. it was his birthday also  and the release of a new project called Sunday Morning Sunshine , Its a collection of beautiful hand made  mini note books for those who love to wake up and start creating , writing, drawing, sketching, or just having  ideas and putting them somewhere …. who knows.

As you might now Cozy is the only person I’ve ever met with the same birthday as mine .. so we have a huge connection and we’ve been working together since we first met , another surprise is just about to drop this year .. Damage x Cozymoto II  !!!! stay tuned and keep an eye on this guy cause he’s always creating …

I LOVE YOU COZYMOTO ! ! ! Well done ! and Happy Birthday !


S U N D A Y      M O R N I N G       S U N S H I N E



Tiffany Murray ! ! ! Whoot Whoot ! ! !
September 22, 2009, 3:14 am
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My little Sistah Tifany Muñoz just got her blog up and going … so you must check it out and stay tuned cause this lady is making some crazy artwork , her skills with the  color pencils and pencil itself    is one of a kind also her really unique way to see things and express them with a really psychedelic perspective makes her work so special and different. We have a collaboration coming up for the  damage fall / winter line . A  REALLY SICK OLD SCHOOL GRAPHIC

I wont say much cause i want you to go check out her site and see what she’s been up to lately  with your own eyes.



.- sticker installation

and that seems like a collabo .. i love the stickers installation ! Damage x Tiffany Munoz !  You can also find a lot of her work in the following links :

Tiffany Muñoz  – Flicker

Tiffany Muñoz – Noise (Au)

KEEP IT UP BABE !!! And get ready cause the big projects are just about to start !!!  CONGRATULATION TIFFANY !!!!

Ximbo @ the Ibiza Queretaro .
September 22, 2009, 2:35 am
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After Monterrey i spent a weekend out in Queretaro with my beautiful friends Alex & Christian , and they took me to a Mexican hip Hop concert,  Ximbo was the main line up and she’s actually Christian Sister in law so we were totally VIP  ( just  the way i like it ) – ja ja ja – … so i had the chance to hang out with her and saw her performance  that nite … THIS LADY IS THE BOMB  AND SHES GOT SOME DOPE FLOW !!!! I was really impressed with her performance and also with the amount of  fans that follow her  … people where going nuts while she was ripping away the mic on stage !

Check her out and take a look at her Myspace page !!! this girl’s got POP !!! I heard that she’s currently working on a solo project .. so maybe the links im giving you aren’t the most up to date .. but i promise i will keep you posted .

It was really nice meeting you Ximmy !!!  i will follow up … so please let me know when you have some more gigs !!!! WORD UP XIMBO !

.- C d Cocina !

.- Interview

This is a little piece of an interview i had a chance to tape while we were waiting for her … jajaja!  hopefully nobody gets mad ..!!!

Tour No “3” Monterrey …
September 22, 2009, 2:13 am
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So here i go with the story …    I went to Monterrey a couple weeks ago and as many of you know Monterrey is the richest city in Mexico and also the most important Industrial city in the whole country, being the main via to the world bussines trades between Mexico and the rest of the world so its a modern, new and fresh city.  And i must say .. the Car Transit is super well distributed … i had to drive long distances everyday  or jump on the Skytrain ( Metro ) in order to get to downtown cause my Uncle’s house is pretty  far away from Monterrey’s downtown .. it is actually on your way to Nuevo Laredo, it is also  SUPER FUCKING HOT !

I got to meet for the first time in my life my little niece and my nephew that are seriously a fucking walking ball of energy , I LOVE THEM and miss them already ,  Her name is Ivana and his name is Julio. They are freaking cute !! And im really happy cause i wiil get to see them soon !!!!

I went to see my friend Kharla Barragan who was showing her s/s 2010 line @ Monterrey’s Fashion week , her brand Molkajete uses a lot of Mexican motives and materials which makes of every single design a unique piece with a lot of character .. this time she delighted us with a very patriotic and funky collection introducing for the first time in her life a few pieces for men . The best of all  is that this super talented girl just gets better and better every time i see her new stuff !  –  I LOVE MOLKAJETE  –

She hooked me up with an awesome purple  beanie with a hand knitted mo-hawk. !!!! THANKS A LOT BABE !!!!


I took a little video of the last final walk at her show…  and a long version that you can see if you CLICK HERE !!!! – or not cause maybe is too long – oops !!!

The quality is really crappy due to the fact i was using my E71 and not my camera … but you’ll get the idea –  check out her web page cause soon you will be able to watch a professional version .. jajaja

The day after the show i went to downtown cause i had a couple biz things to do .. and i walked all along the Macro plaza the Main big “Zocalo” in Monterrey , its amazing cause as i said before this city its really modern so it combines old school  and modern architecture in every single corner. The Barrio Antiguo its a beautiful Neighbor where most of the night life happens .. (its a shame i didn’t make it out at night at all  ) – too busy – but its a really cozy area with small streets and shit loads of night clubs  & Restaurants i took a picture of a place called the GROOVY that had the frontage all in pink ( my favorite color ) and with the Beatles faces and a lot of really psychedelic drawings on !!! I REALLY WANTED TO GO THERE .. but no luck ” .. – next time –

Monterrey 09-09

The Metro rides were awesome cause it is more like a sky-train … so the view is unbelievable and it is also super clean ! loved it ! Besides the Line that took me straight into downtown was like 1.5 Km away form my  uncles Neighbor … so i walked it a few times on my way back  home … was fun and really convenient .. Sometimes you have NOT TO DRIVE .. so you can enjoy and still feel how walking could be so much better !


.- Underground –

.- Metro Ride !


.- Above ground –

I had the amazing opportunity to met with wonderful  – artist/accessories Designer/Creative – Samantha Marroquin . I Could say so many beautiful things about her  but you should definitely check her out for your selves, and see what she’s got going … This woman is a super talented Accessories Designer who makes just one offs of every piece she creates besides everything its so Mexican and patriotic  and colorful and fun and original that blows your mind away. I FELT IN LOVE WITH HER WORK 4 REAL! .. She’s also an Artist and is currently having a show @ the Motzart cafe/gallery in Monterrey NL. for more information in chase youre around the area . You must go !!! !-so click here-! She took me to the best gordita spot I’ve ever tried in my life … and i mean it .. they make gorditas with Flour tortilla !!!! that’s the shit !!!




.- Samantha M. accesories  – visit website –


.- Beautiful  Samantha ! ! WHOOP WHOOP ! !

And finally i got to meet Nuniz Bere’s and Miriam’s sister the third link ! je je je  .. they were awesome to me and treated me real nice, gave me lots of beer and had a couple really intense chats with me regarding my situation about my Gf  that had me so stressed and sad. WORD ! Helped a lot ! thanks Muchachitas ! but i didn’t have much chance to hang out with them .. cause they work and go to school and i was really busy working on a few things … I did have a chance to go to the MARCO (museum ) je je je   it was fucking FANTASTIC … the were showcasing Betsabee’ Romero’s work the show its called Lagrimas Negras ( Black Tears ) and let me tell you something it was really impressive. This artist has been working with a lot recycled tires and rubber for the last few years and this time at MARCO you get the chance to see everything together at once …  Betsabee Romero’s show its a mind blowing her art work its incomparable  …  and i must also say that the Buffet at the MARCO restaurant was also pretty damn good !!! je je je // Here’s a few illegal footage and pictures i took with out nobody knowing at the moment ..  jajajjaaj    but who knows after i post’em eh ?   .. ajajaja – don’t tell anyone


.- Lagrimas Negras I


.- Lagrimas Negras II


.- Lagrimas Negras III



HUMANS ! ! !
September 22, 2009, 1:05 am
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My hommies based out in Vancity  Robbie Slade  and Peter Ricq ( Humans )  just released they’re first Music video .. The Duo is killing it big time  &  showing all over Vancouver  making people dance like robots all nite long … they’re  amazing folkiiiish style mixed with electronic beats makes of they’re sound a must dance when you’re listening to it !!!oh btw  !! I got in the mail  promotional package with Cd’s and T-shirts  to give a way .. so if anyone is interested just let me know .. !!! I LOVE  HUMANS !!!

Thanks a lot !


.- goodies !!!!

This guys will be playing out here very soon , check them about and let me know what you think   , –   impressive right ?… so please pay attention and stay tuned !!!!

.- Humans –  Bike Home