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October 27, 2009, 7:26 am
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A whole bunch of my friends were part of a show in Vancouver B.C. named Here Is Now last weekend … and well i really had to post some of these peeps work cause i really admire them and also miss them lots now that im not around town … but soon i’ll be back .. soon though !

Check the web page out for more info about the show cause i believe it was going to be up just for one nite … sorry for the delay but i hope you enjoy some of the works im just about to show you from my hommies Calen Knauf , Jeff Hamada , Hana Pesut , Pablo Zamudio, The Dark , Robert Mearns and many more !!!!


.- Calen Knauf .


.- Jeff Hamada .


.- Hana Pesut .


.- Pablo Zamudio .


.- The Dark .


.- Robert Mearns .


October 27, 2009, 6:14 am
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I did it !!! i finally made it to that Promise land known in the underground world of the North Americans  as P.V. .. ( Puerto Vallarta )  and i had an unforgettable time thanks to my beautiful friends and hosts Juancho and Kharla the owners of Blop and also producers of the best party’s at the Monitor Bar …..  A lot of things happened  out there …

I participated on the release of the “Tortugas Caguama”  into the open sea , y danced my ass off a couple nites to the sounds of Mr Yaver Dj , went to a casino and won a couple hundred dollars ,got the chance also to see and hang out with a couple of my best best friends from Vancouver -Cathy & Ryan-,  i visited beaches like Yelapa, Brucerias , Las Gemelas, Muertos, Nuevo Vallarta, & of course Sayulita

-!!!!! finally i made it out there !!!!! -I’ve heard so many things about that spot that i needed to go check it out by myself ….

I also got the chance to meet one of the most amazing artists from P.V., Ricardo a local guy that goes under the nickname of Boske .. AWESOME WORK… he was painting at live the nite that i arrived @ the Monitor bar !!!!    How wonderful ne ..?

I mean that was a trip i would never forget and i really want to come back … so i will use the fact that im going to start selling my product over at BLOP store to make another short trip and have more fun … release more turtles… dance and bounce, and of course get a new tan cause mine is fading away … jajaja.

Here i leave some videos and pictures of me and my hommies from P.V. , also i have to tell you this there is a whole bunch of guys walking down the different beaches of P.V.  with huge iguanas walking around waiting for the tourists  to take pictures with these huge reptiles for about 5 dollars a picture .. but cause we’re locals we got to hang out with one while we were on our way on the boat to Yelapa .. FUCKING FANTASTIC !! CHECK IT OUT !

.- Arriving 2 P.V.

.- Boske One !

.- Boske‘s piece @ Monitor & Juancho dancing  !!! whoop whoop!

.- On our way to Yelapa !


.- The iguanas attack !

.- The release of my Tortuga Caguama  – an amazing experience –

.- Yaver Tunes !!!!

.- A night with Ryan & Cathy


.- Beautiful places & Beautiful people

.- Welcome to Sayulita !

Juancho , Kharla, Cinthy , Vero , Diego, & Ricardo – don’t forget that i love you guys forever and i would never stop thanking  you all the good times you provided me with while i was in your citeeee !!!!

Seher Interview w/ Art Asylum Boston
October 14, 2009, 4:45 am
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So my homeboy David ( Seher ONE ) just sent me the link  for an interview he had with this kids from Boston that are running a website called Art Asylum based out on the east coast of the states that is all about interviews and reviews from different super sick  artists around the globe.

And this time  they interviewed my hommie Seher.. he’s featured this month … you’ve seen some works from Seher before on my blog … and i will repeat something i always say every time i have the chance to blog about him …  THIS FUCKING KID IS FUCKING SICK !!!! and he just gets better and better .

The elements he adds on his Murals are something out of control and definitely out of this world and what impresses me the most is that he keeps exploring and never get stuck on one single style …

I LOVE SEHER oh btw .. he just got a tattoo   .. his first ink in life !!! WORD PAPITO !!!

To read the interview click here !


.- Sponge Bob x Nickelodeon x Seher !!!! Holly fuck !

Lupe Martinez
October 14, 2009, 4:09 am
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My friend Lupe Martinez from Argentina had put up on the WWW a space for all you guys to delight her work , so here she is and it’s harder , better , faster and stronger than ever … she just had the release a few weeks ago of her new web/blogspot .  …. shes an awesome artist, beautiful woman , talented  photographer and also an amazing handcraft – er …   jjajajaja j.

Check out some of her work  and stay tuned for more updates and dates for up coming appearances and shows .!!! VIVA LUPITA !!!!

Y no te olvides che belleza que te sigo esperando en Mexico y Carolina ya dijo que se jala … asi ke vayase preparando !!!!

Check this stuff out !!! AAAAMAZING !


.- Beautiful installation !


.- Don’t you think so ….


.- Photoshop skills too !!!