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December 10, 2009, 9:11 pm
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So my hommie Taka Sudo & Ren Sakurai are showcasing their work at The Compound Gallery in Portland Or. the opening happened a couple days ago …, and as many of you know Portland is one of the biggest capitals of street art  in the United States  so the scene out there is amazing and its loaded with mad talented artists,  the Compound Gallery is located on 107 NW 5th Av. so if you guys are around you should definitely stop by and check out Taka’s & Ren’s work, im sure you wont regret .

I’ve known Taka since 04 and i can stop getting impressed of the progress he have had in the last couple years …  I love the fact his working bigger dimensions now and still applies his signature mix media collages on to the canvas and my favorite part;… The colors he uses – I’m a big Fan of Fluorescent colors and specially the pink and green ones though- . Taka uses a lot the neutral colors as his prime base mixed with these two i just mentioned before creating an awesome balance of  contrast between every single layer you discover on his paintings … pretty impressive though .

Check out some pictures from the opening night @ the Compound’s Adobe Web Photo Gallery here ! . The show will go down till the end of 2009 (Dec 31st )  so you still have plenty of time !!!

WORD UP   Tifdyl ! ! !, and also a big shout out to your homeboy Ren !!!- Very cool tattoo steez !-


.- TiFdyL #1

.- TiFdyL #2


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