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Camilla D’errico Clothing release party @ El Kartel
December 10, 2009, 9:44 pm
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Once again my girl Camilla D. will release a sick line of accessories and clothing and also her super popular art prints for all those Christmas shoppers that still looking for the perfect gift !!! , so check out your account balance and come out on Friday ready to get mind blown with all the amazing items we will be selling that nite .. and Remember is a one nite only show .. so if you miss it .. then  you’ll be fucked and it will be way harder to get all that limited edition product form Camilla D’errico !!!!

Remember Friday nite at El Kartel in Vancouver B.C.

MUCH LOVE CAMI … and one more time … well done ..

Camilla I wish you the best and even though i wont be there in person  .. you know my spirit is right next to you .. so have a blast and sell looooooooots !!!

.- Camilla D’errico Release party @ El Kartel


Girl Talk In Mexico City 2009
December 10, 2009, 9:26 pm
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Whoop whoop !!!  Mr Gregg Gillis came out to D.F. and he put on a Motha fucking amazing show ( as usual ) at a place where the service sucked and the bars where packed with people and just two stupid bartenders trying to deal with all the thirsty crowd … anyways as soon as Greg came out in stage everything changed and he made me dance like a fucking puppet for three hours straight …  !!

This is the second time Greg is out in Mexico City and he loves it .. so expect more visits from him for his new album release that will drop sometime early next year !!!



.- Girl T. in Mexico City !

P.S. If you come to Mexico City .. Please dont ever go to The Velvet Night club … IT SUUUUCKS !!!!!

December 10, 2009, 9:11 pm
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So my hommie Taka Sudo & Ren Sakurai are showcasing their work at The Compound Gallery in Portland Or. the opening happened a couple days ago …, and as many of you know Portland is one of the biggest capitals of street art  in the United States  so the scene out there is amazing and its loaded with mad talented artists,  the Compound Gallery is located on 107 NW 5th Av. so if you guys are around you should definitely stop by and check out Taka’s & Ren’s work, im sure you wont regret .

I’ve known Taka since 04 and i can stop getting impressed of the progress he have had in the last couple years …  I love the fact his working bigger dimensions now and still applies his signature mix media collages on to the canvas and my favorite part;… The colors he uses – I’m a big Fan of Fluorescent colors and specially the pink and green ones though- . Taka uses a lot the neutral colors as his prime base mixed with these two i just mentioned before creating an awesome balance of  contrast between every single layer you discover on his paintings … pretty impressive though .

Check out some pictures from the opening night @ the Compound’s Adobe Web Photo Gallery here ! . The show will go down till the end of 2009 (Dec 31st )  so you still have plenty of time !!!

WORD UP   Tifdyl ! ! !, and also a big shout out to your homeboy Ren !!!- Very cool tattoo steez !-


.- TiFdyL #1

.- TiFdyL #2

Tiffany Muñoz & ION Magazine
December 10, 2009, 7:13 pm
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Yeeeees !!!. My sistah Tiffeeeo contributed to the ION  Magazine with an illustration of Annie – the blonde beauty and mono nominal pop star from Norway -.

ION magazine interviewed Annie while she was in Vancouver and my girl did a pretty tight illustration of  Annie for the issue # 61 of ION Magazine … so if you guys are around Canada you should definitely pick up an issue and enjoy both .. the interview and also you’ll be able to have a printed copy of the amazing Illustration Tiffany Muñoz

did !!!

Much love chikita and keep it that way !!!!  Good luck with all your Final projects from school and no worries Vacation is coming soon 4 YA !!!!!

.- Tiffany Muñoz x ION Mag.

Luke Ramsey, Zosen & Doodles got Vandalized in S.F.
November 8, 2009, 7:46 pm
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And im actually not down to that shit … its awful … My supah good friend Lukas Ramsey ( luke – but i always call him lukas ) from islands fold just had to deal with a whole bunch of negative vibes while in conjunction with Upper Playground and Fifty 24SF Gallery,  went down to San Fransisco to paint a mural in collaboration with Zosen (from Barcelona, Spain) and Doodles (local) … its pretty fucking sad to find out that there’s people like this around  .. but what would you expect if the world is full of envy  & bullshit.  fuck that !  … LETS MAKE CONSCIOUS AND HURRY UP CHANGING OURSELVES  …. other wise we’ll explode soon !

Read more about what happened from luka’s own words  HERE !

check this out … Fuckin WAAAAACK !!!!


.- Fucking waaaack !!!

Paredes que Hablan …
November 8, 2009, 6:55 pm
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An original production from the I.Sat online tv channel.

Paredes que Hablan is series of documentaries about whats happening on the urban art scene , the street art & artists from Mexico and South America with over 8 million people joined on their network this guys are getting the best of all times …

Check out some of the featured artists and take a deeper look to their minds and atmospheres !!!!

One of the biggest advantages of Paredes que Hablan is the fact that all the shows come with subtitles  .. so my homeboys up north wont have a problem understanding why this guys are so fucking flawless ! ! !  with interviews done to the likes of : Seher, Sego , Titi Freak , WachavatoSaner , Nerf and many others im sure you’ll enjoy as much as i did if you are really into edgy urban art !!!

WORD UP  TO I.Sat !!!!

Don’t forget to go navigate over the I.Sat Channel once in a while – you wont regret it –  ! ! ! just a lil’ flick !

.- Paredes que Hablan Sego  – Mexico city –

BUE @ Blop Store
November 8, 2009, 2:13 am
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So my hommies Juanchito and Kharla  from the Blop Store in Puerto Vallarta had over and awesome artist from Belgium a couple weeks ago …- BUE The Warrior –  He decorated these guys spot with some beautiful, funny, cutie, artwork and after went down to the Monitor Bar and marked the walls of that awesome bar with a little bit more of beautiful work ..u guys remember monitor?, the same spot where i saw Boske for the first time in my life painting live. – well maybe yes  , maybe not – ja ja ja .

Bueone was also in Mexico city for a show he had over a store/gallery named Guru en la Colonia Roma .. and btw…  I gotta shout out big props to your exhibition over @ the Guru gallery !!!

Love the installation with the cheki  pictures – or is it another kind of instant film camera  – ? !  WERD MR BUE !

So if you guys are around P.V. sometime you must definitely should come out shop around, drink and party at both of these spots !!!! my favorite ones in P.V. !!! Viva Blop & Viva Monitor!!!

whoot whoot 4 real !!!.

They sent me a few pictures of the nite BUE painted  so i decided to share them with you guys !!!! MuCH lOv3 !!!


.- Bue , Blop & Monitor …